Bo’s Café

Wayne and Brad were in Denver with the authors of the newly-released novel Bo's Café, John Lynch, Bill Thrall, and Bruce McNicol. This amazing story chronicles a young man whose life is being torn apart by his own anger, and confronts the reality of grace that unfolds in a way that takes him by surprise and makes him face the darkest corners of his heart. The podcast also gets behind the scenes of how this book came to be and the process behind the shaping of the story as a new title from Windblown Media.

You can find out more about our guests at their website and hear the earlier podcast with them here.


  1. Hi Wayne, The link to their website is pointing to a non-existing nested page: “Page not found”

    All best, Lex

  2. Thanks, Lex, but it will at least get you to their site and you can navigate from there. Unfortunately we don’t have time to go back and change all the old web site listings when people change them so often… ;-(

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