White Powder Religion

Wayne is back from gathering with believers in Minnesota in wonderful conversations about knowing Jesus and watching connections take place between strangers that was a joy. That and a full email bag send he and Brad on a discussion about the kinds of transitions that happens in our burgeoning freedom. We are so easily distracted from the incredible joy of living relationally with God and others by the substitutes our flesh demands. It trades illusion for substance and leaves us wondering why God is not as real as our hearts hope. If we want to experience the fullness of God's life we will have to risk the hurt and vulnerability that draws us into seemingly safe but empty facsimiles of the depth of life that only come in him.


  1. Hey thanks for that . i like how you demonstrate a way from psychological idolatry . and i bet you didn’t even think of it that way . hope you guys are well .


  2. Since you guys were wondering what I meant about “The Fragrance of Father” episode not being all that popular on Facebook, I thought I would clarify that whenever you post FB updates on the TGJ page, people can click a “Like” button on it to, well, show that they like it. If you look at TGJ’s FB wall, you can see at a glance, how many people clicked “Like” on any particular podcast link posted. Between that, and the number of comments on a given podcast link, you can get a fairly good idea of how popular that podcast was with the people who keep up with it through FB. Some of them have up to “23 people like this” on them, but “The Fragrance of Father” ep only had 2 “likes,” and no comments, so it made me curious to hear it – and I’m glad I did!

    By the way, re: the problem with this site crashing due to too many downloads all at once, it might help to suggest that those who are eager to download the latest podcast as soon as it’s posted, subscribe to TGJ using iTunes or one of the other subscription options, using the setting that will automatically download the most recent new podcast as soon as it’s available. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that would put less strain on the bandwidth here; besides, if you’re in the habit of opening iTunes every day, often it’ll download the latest TGJ ep for you before the link is even posted on FB!

  3. I not only want to know your eschatology, I want to know if you are young earth creationists and if you are voting for Palin (not Sarah, Bristol) 😉

  4. Hearing some of the email read on this podcast, I can only say that an open Bible and a closed heart is a dangerous combination…

  5. Hi Wayne it feels like i know u after listening to Transitions (5 times) and now i am listening to your talks with Brad on the God Journey
    In 2008 life turned on me(that’s how it felt) and my world came to a standstill after a few things happened to me.Lost my job in Jan(at the age of 59) Disappointment’s and disillusions in church life(resigned as elder )Sinned and was expelled from Pigionsport( baned for 5 years)pigeon racing is my passion.My beloved dog died after i prayed and trusted God for her. My wife sued me for divorce out of the blue. Lost my house and had to leave town to try and start all over.Got caught up in a fleshly relationship with a unbeliever(bad experience) Was kidnapped and threatened with death(very scary situation)
    In all this i was aware of Fathers love but the guilt and shame consumed me, i could not get over my brokenness, i thought i was a healed man,but now my own doctrine and religion condemned me.
    Now i have the wonderful assurance that Papa loves me and i am enjoying the journey day by day as He works in me.What a freedom thank you Wayne and most of all THANYOU JESUS

  6. I remember that podcast where you (Wayne) likened “TGJ” to that of scaffolding. Something temporary until what is being worked on is complete enough that the scaffolding is no longer necessary.

    About a month or two ago, I had finished listening to your “Transitions” series for the “ump-teenth” time.
    I heard a whisper in my heart:
    “Graduation Congratulations . . .”. I believe it was Papa telling me that it was time to carry on the inside what I had listened to enough times. Not that I have achieved it all or “laid hold of it”. But I press on . . .

    So to over the last few months the thought has occurred to me again and again that “TGJ” was not going to be a “forever” thing, at least web-wise (though the Journey will continue). Not that I expect you and Brad to close it down soon. I guess what I am trying to say that it’s time, at lest for me, to “graduate” and move on with The Journey. It has been a real blessing to me to have encountered you all through this place. I know i will check this site occasionally, but I think it’s time to go beyond getting my weekly “TGJ” fix. Time to carry what has been learned forward.

    Keep on trucking guys. See on The Journey.

  7. I feel sorry for the guy you called a “buffoon” and made the but of your jokes. We must really love people. More than our convictions if they cause us to call names and laugh at others.

    Respectfully, Cal.

  8. I always enjoy the conversations you guys have on here and I think this was a really great one.
    It is pretty amazing how we ( as humans) always tend to ruin things that god is doing.. Not that we can thwart His purpose, but we always want to micro-manage people and God.
    I saw the same thing in the church that I attended for a few years, it was a really refreshing place for me for the first year or so and I started to form actual relationships with people there.
    But then after a little while, it became the same old thing week after week, and the refreshing became replaced with obligation.
    I am so glad that weight is off of me now. It is so freeing to realize that I don’t need to impress people or God.. He already knows about all of my crap, and how far I am from perfect.
    It also helps me from falling back into that trap of becoming a judge to those around me.
    I definitely had my share of “White Powder” and I had lots of issues even when I was trying to stay on the treadmill, in fact I think it’s a lot easier now, since I am more secure in the Father’s love than I was back then.
    Thanks you guys for just being real.. And I agree with Brad, there is so much we just don’t know I doubt we will until He shows us the whole truth.
    I wish we could all just agree on the most important parts, but really even that isn’t necessary, His will, will be done.
    I just hope to be a part of it now.
    @ Cal, I am pretty sure the “Buffoon” was a type of person, not a specific person.. But I could be wrong. I have known one or two ( and have been one myself from time to time)

  9. Thanks so much for sharing, Wayne and Brad. It’s wonderful to hear about you trip up to Minnesota, I was so happy when my dad told me you had come for another visit. I really wish I could have been there too. Thanks for all the support and encouragement and prayers. Any chance you could plan a trip to Iowa soon? (That’s where I’m living right now.) If you REALLY want some corn, there’s plenty here. Anyway, it’s great to hear that you could go up to Duluth for another visit. Hopefully next time I’ll be able to come up as well.

    Many blessings ~ Amanda Carranza

  10. Just finished listening to this broadcast. How fun! I’m originally from Minni-snowda but am now living in Northern Thailand. I’ll definitely be listening to more of these. Thanks!

  11. Hey Guys
    Came back to this PC recently for some reason and laughed my head of again at the “letters” being read. I did however checkout who quoted that remark of “White Powder religion” 😉
    It turned out to be a Pastor Robert Rockerford at a place called The Bridge at Flatrock,
    Eatonton, Georgia. Maybe one day you might hear or meet him?!

    Blessings on the Journey to you and your families.

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