The Prayer Dance

Brad and Wayne respond to a series of questions first posed on The God Journey Forum about prayer and how our participation in it does or does not influence God's work in the world. Is God's will predetermined, and if so what good does prayer do? Can our prayers actually change things around us? Obviously there are no easy answers here. The guys share from their own experiences and struggles as they have grown in their understanding of the power of prayer in the life of the believer

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  1. I’ve been going through a change in my idea about prayer. I’d love to hear what your take is on what I’ve been coming to understand in my journey.

    The scripture that says “all Gods promises are YES in Christ when the AMEN is spoken by us…” Makes me change my attitude change from begging God to help me which causes fear that he might not help me or he might not fix my problem the way I think it should be fixed.

    When my prayer says ” Lord you promise that my children are your disciples and that you love them and that you are the One who gives them a new heart…..”
    Then I’m trusting Him with whatever the outcome is.

    If I’m begging god for a certain outcome I’m afraid he might not come through for me. But if I trust his promises I can rest

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