Following the Bread Crumbs (#838)

When Jesus shows us a way forward it generally doesn't feed our fears and insecurities, or our need to try to control the outcome. Recognizing how he is leading us and finding the courage to follow him are important facets of our own God journey.  Kyle and Wayne re-visit a number of key themes from recent podcasts as the response to a listener email and navigate some of the circumstances in their lives.  They flesh out what it means to live to God's pleasure, to cultivate holy indifference, to embrace the scandal of particularity, and to live at love, rest, and play as Jesus wants to lead them. Too many people are so pressed by circumstances that they miss the subtle break crumbs Jesus spreads in their path to invite them into a more spacious lane where freedom and joy abound.

Podcast Notes:


  1. At the end of these podcasts I always end up (wishing for more!) but smiling, with a resounding YES in my spirit. Thank you so much.

  2. Kyle sorry to hear of your loss. We have great compassion; we too have felt such at the first of this month. And I would like to submit to you my recent dream: and in this dream I was (by the Spirit) standing in a heavenly mansion at a screen door. I was letting in dogs; the first, our beloved a small black pug, Journey, who passed 20 years ago. My eyes were drawn to her; I lost her as others were gathering in the room. I scanned the floor to find her, hoping to get another glimpse. I saw her jump up into the lap of someone sitting in a rocker. My eyes were slowly drawn upwards to see the beaming face of my former boss as he petted her within his lap. Then my eyes were drawn to another person in the rocker next to them. My eyes were slowly drawn to the face beaming back at me, my grand father. I was so rejoicing to see them, though no words were exchanged. I was instantly back and awoke to cherish what I had just been given by a gracious Father. This dream was weeks before the loss; I had been prepared prior knowing my dog was going to die, as the Lord had told me. My mind instantly responded with, “No, you mean eventually?” To which the Lord comfortingly said, “She is going to die.” So it was clear this was coming in the near future. Little did I realize how soon this was to be. We’ve grieved and cried, also cherished the joys of her companionship while with us. Everything we have here is another expression of the Father’s heart, also expressed in heaven. Wayne, you don’t need to believe in “dog heaven”, as it’s the same heaven, but you and your beloved wife (while here) will be sharing every dog and pet you have ever shared while here; boy, will you be surprised! The dream held more healing: I was shown these two men, whom I felt I’d failed miserably, in order to perceive their hearts towards me. They were cheering me on, along with many a great cloud of witnesses. Jesus is coming on a white horse, yes? Where does He get it from? lol I love you both, you words and hearts enrich others many times over.

  3. Mitchell thank you so much for sharing! What a cool gift that God offered you. I deeply appreciate what you shared and look forward to enjoying untold surprises in heaven! I can’t wait!!

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