The Narcissistic Flesh

Claims that archeologists have uncovered the Tomb of Christ, a new Study on Narcissism and reader feedback to The Shame Game, launch Brad and Wayne on a discussion about the self-focused nature of the flesh and how shame only exacerbates, rather than liberates us from that reality. They also answer the question raised on the forum as to whether or not there are legitimate forms of guilt.


  1. I was interested to hear some discussion about the issue of shame in this episode, although I have not had the chance to listen to The Shame Game podcast from the previous week.

    I have been really helped in the area of shame, condemnation and guilt by some teaching I received in YWAM 14 years ago concerning this area: Condemnation (and shame ) is a generalized feeling of being “bad”. This is not from God. On the other hand, there is conviction, which is specifically focused on a sin that God desires me to repent of. If I feel condemnation, I just get smothered in bad feelings that do nothing to help me move forward and develop as a son of God. Whereas conviction is like a surgeon’s knife cutting away to reveal a sin that can then be removed through repentance to allow me to be spiritually healthy again.

    So when I am feeling bad, I always ask myself whether I am feeling bad about something in particular in which God is calling me to repentance, or whether other forces (my flesh, the enemy) are trying to bring me down. In the latter case, I can then take my stand that there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

  2. You know i was learning about religion and all the things that are contained within, its amazing!!!

    I believe the greatest thing is that Jesus died upon the cross for our sins, which kinda makes up murders but in a way its different because it was out of his love for us that we become perfect through him. Im a devoted Catholic/Christian and try to read the bible everyday, i listen to The God journed podcasts and heard something about being located in Sacramento??!? i dunno….?!

    I enjoy my religion more than anything and found out that miracles happen when you call upon the Lord, and my name is defined as a miracle worker in God! (Michael, Angelic name), I think Wayne and Brad are cool guys, because they definitly follow the right path and that is of the Lord!

    I was inspired by your message and came to find out how much work still needs to be done and how much is really wrong to be righted, i forget the exact quote, but it goes like this ~~~> And they will cry out…… And it really means not tears of pain, but tears of joy!!

    another thing, try searching the internet for “RELIGION” and see how many million hits you find! But realize there is only one true religion, and that is of Christ! anyways, Hey you guys rock!

    ~~~~> PEACE!!!

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