Letting Him Lead

Letters from listeners, some encouraging and some not so much, take Brad and Wayne on a wide-ranging discussion about leadership, church planting, institutional expressions of body life and our ongoing choice to either let Jesus lead in the building of his church, or try to take it over for ourselves. What we experience in church life supplements our relationship with him, it would never seek to supplant it. They end with a humorous taped voice mail of a parishoner to his pastor about a concern. We borrowed it from Ship of Fools.com.


  1. Hi Guys

    Just a note to say how much I enjoy listening to your podcasts. You speak to my heart. Its been awesome to be able to listen to people on the same wave length. Waynes articles were strategic in the majority of our church walking out into freedom about three years ago, and it is great to get all the guidance and advice as we wonder into a better way of being faithful to Christ. Keep up the good work!

  2. Brad and Wayne,

    I appreciate your webcast and look forward to it every week. I burn each podcast to a CD and listen to it in my car as I do my running around. You’re coming up on your 100th webisode!

    When I was first saved at the little church club I attended as a teen it was all about following the rules and believing the correct doctrine (mid-70’s). Of course, that little church and it’s denomination and others like it believed they had the only true doctrine. I went to their Bible College wanting to serve God more. However, the further along I grew in my journey the more God showed me that this church club (of course, I thought of it as the Church at the time) didn’t have all the answers. In fact, it had precious few! And it brought up more questions that I needed the answers to! I followed individuals and movements off and on for decades after college, but all they brought me was emptiness or disappointment. The only constant remaining was God’s leading.

    It’s hard to hear him sometimes with all the other noise going on calling itself Christianity. However, my hope and prayer is that he will continue to lead. I trust he will!

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