Problems with Power (#775)

Power has always been difficult for humans to navigate without doing great harm. Wayne and Kyle dive into a recent study by researcher Brené Brown about power. Her research identified four kinds of power—power over, power with, power to, and power within.  Power over is the worst of these because it sees power as limited and is maintained by an ever-increasing capacity for cruelty.  Other kinds of power, however, leads us to greater empathy and serves others more than seeks to be served. Wayne and Klye discuss this research with an eye to its application in the kingdoms of this world, and in the kingdom Jesus is building.

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Brené Brown podcast with Vice President Biden
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  1. The information re: Hunter Biden you are referring to may be the product of the Washington Examiner? I researched the only article I could find. The sources were not credible.

    As far as Biden’s income. It is my understanding that he has released years of tax returns. Both Biden and his wife have authored books, given speeches, done book tours since his government service. I don’t think it far fetched to expect that his income as an author would jump significantly as a result, do you?

    Joe Biden tragically lost a wife and daughter. Both of his sons were seriously injured in the accident. He cared for his sons in his early years serving in the senate. He lost a son to brain cancer. He stood by a son who struggled with addiction. One of those issues in itself would lend itself to someone surrendering their life to the care of God.
    Moving through those life experiences has a way of reminding us we are powerless over many situations that can arise in life. I think there could be very good reasons why Mr Biden would respond to Ms Brown in an honest and forthright way without having a hidden agenda.

    I also have issues with both the right and the left. I can’t wait for this election to be behind us. Wish I could say that I am softer, gentler, more tolerant of some of the outrageous behavior I have bumped into over the last few years. Unfortunately, I am not. Yet, I can say it has created new space for interesting conversations and challenged me to the max. And although it hasn’t felt very good at times, I trust that it has been good for me. I talk to Jesus..a lot. I also find myself turning to Eugene Peterson’s translation of the Sermon on the Mount. It helps me to remember who I follow and why.

    Thank you for the interesting and engaging conversations. Blessings to you both.

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