Unashamed (#538)

What happens when a mom of children in their twenties offers to answer questions about sex from the hormone-ravaged world of 18-28 year olds?  You get: unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness, and faith.  Wayne and Brad invite the author, Tracy Levinson to join them on this week's podcast to talk about her new book and what she has discovered in her conversations about sex and dating in a grace-based, Jesus-passionate framework. Tracy is a long-time God Journey listener from the Dallas, TX area covers this explosive topic with grace, humor, and vulnerable honesty that is as insightful as it is engaging.

Podcast Notes:
unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness and faith
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  1. Non-sexual social nudity is not a sin. There are four nudist resorts in the DFW area and one B@B. They are all family friendly resorts and nothing untoward goes on. Anyone who misbehaves is asked to leave. There are many christians that attend and there is also a christian naturist (nudist) group in the DFW area and will have their annual meeting at one of the resorts in August of September. It’s not about seeing it’s about being. My late wife enjoyed participating in the nude 5k series.

    True freedom is to walk in to a room full of naked women and not lust.

  2. This thought struck me when Traci repeated the question, “Who told you you where damaged?” My thought and answer to that question is – the same one who convinced the original 2 they were naked.
    Whomever says, “You are damaged”, or “you are shamefully naked”, is practicing great manipulative power over their would be subjects. Bondage and control are the motivations behind these two questions, quite appropriate for the old gospel. The unfiltered new gospel is uninfected by manipulators and controllers. The new gospel is freedom in Jesus. And yet, being raised in a new testament christian home didn’t release me into freedom, but into bondage and shame. Only after a prolonged season of detoxification from a mixed messege am I getting closer to what Jesus intended. Thank you Wayne, Brad and Tracy for walking out your freedom for us to see and enjoy.

    • I agree Alan. Isn’t it amazing how loathe we are to receive/accept our freedom in Christ rather than choosing for bondage to a quid pro quo system of performance and striving. No rest allowed!

      It is so sad how often christians answer your question – “who told you you were damaged” – with – “the Holy Spirit” – as in “I was convicted by the Holy Spirit” (of sin, some inadequacy/damage, some need to improve in order to please God, etc?). John is clear that The holy Spirit convicts/convinces to the point that we will hold a conviction – the world (non believers) of sin (the sin of not believing the finished work of Jesus Christ) and us (believers) of righteousness, which is an identity issue (it doesn’t say righteous living the way it is so often preached but rather living in the state of righteousness accomplished in and by Jesus). How much do we need to do, or can we do, to create and/or maintain the righteousness Jesus accomplished and freely gives as a gift (of salvation)? I hope that can be read as a rhetorical question…..

      And oh ya, who does the scripture say is the accuser of the brethren? And yet we stick the Holy Spirit with that accusation rather than living in the freedom of the total redemption of Jesus. Deception is best served in fleshly effort disguised with religious paint. (also known as “proof texting” that starts with a perspective of doing rther than Jesus’ gift of rest in his FINISHED work).

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