How Love Shapes Us (#478)

wolfeLearning to live in the Father's love and share it freely will take you to places you would never have dreamed and invite you to lay down your life not because you have to, but because we can't imagine not doing so for someone we love. Wayne finishes the conversation he started last week with Jimmy Wolfe, a husband and father who is learning how to live in the Father's love where God has placed his family in Woodstock, GA. They pick up the theme of what it means to love what you can't control and can't even guarantee its permanency in your life. Their conversation ranges from how light travels in love so it isn't just nice to people but opens them to God's wisdom and truth to what it means to equip those who want to build up Jesus' church in a given area without creating an institution to manage.

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  1. Yes, there’s about five minutes of blank audio at the end of this podcast. Sorry. You didn’t miss anything but some glitch in saving it added some extra time and I can’t fix it until I get home from Florida. If you go all the way to the end, enjoy the quiet!

  2. Wayne, as I was listening to you guys talk about love and truth, a picture came to mind which I will share here.

    I don’t know whether this was true in your day in the US, but in the UK when I was a child we would get vaccinations, one of which was against polio. The polio vaccination experience really stuck in my mind because, unlike all the others, it was delivered on a sugar cube, instead of a needle in the arm. i remember wondering after that why on earth couldn’t all vaccines come like this with sugary sweetness instead of pain?

    I think this is analogous to what you were discussing about truth and love. Love is the sweetness delivering the truth vaccine that then goes to work inside of us. Truth without love is like the giant needle stabbing into our arm: Even if we know it’s good for us, we still want to run away from it.

    (Anti-vaxxers, please note that this comment has nothing to do with the efficacy of vaccines — which I, personally, do not doubt — but rather the spiritual analogy.)

  3. Stephen I really loved that analogy. Something I needed to hear I think. I had never thought of it that way….thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Thank you Wayne and Jimmy for sharing your conversation with us! It was very helpfull to me ! Because of this podcast I am a bit more at rest in the fathers affection! His purposes in my life have unfolded a click more! I Love the talk about how love, and truth need to be mixed along with light! Something that seems to happen naturally as Jesus invites us into sharing his life with others! Love when these moments take place!!!!! Stephen Thanks for sharing I like your analogy with the sugar cube being the love that delivers the vaccine of truth. I would even take it farther if I may and say if Father knew it would help to color the cube your favorite color just to let you know it is especially meant for you he would love to play with you in the meantime!! Let’s say Rays favorite color is secretly hot pink…totally possible!;-)

  5. Lol @ Harvey. You ratted me out. Definitely a fun color hot pink. An I love the add on to that thought, that he would take it further yet an show you the truth in a color that would be catching to your own eyes. Because though some times the truth can maybe be uncomfortable , it’s never something u that cuts and bruises you when he’s involved. Love changes everything.

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