It’s the Living Loved That’s Important

The journey of learning to live in the love of the Father progresses at the confluence of two streams: our unfolding circumstances and the ongoing revelation of God's wonder. In response to a powerful email of transformation, Brad and Wayne discuss how our conversations with God at those points is what moves the journey forward and keeps us growing in his life and love. There are many advocates for what some call the grace message or the love message that make it merely another theological counterpoint. But learning to live loved is not primarily a theology it is a way of living. Those who actually live loved, instead of just trumpeting it from a soapbox, demonstrate that in they way they live their lives and treat others.


  1. I have not kept up with every podcast recently, but when I read that your site had crashed with podcast downloads, I decided to find out what the hubbub was about. My goodness! I would rate this podcast discussion as one of the most helpful I have EVER heard (and I think I’ve heard most of them). You hit the nail right on the head.

    I can’t tell you how many times I allowed my circumstances to color my perception of God and his love for me. Seems like every time we’re in a financial crunch, I’m asking God where He is, and why He doesn’t care for me, and feel like I have to remind Him where my address is. I’m acting like my knothole viewpoint of life is reality.

    I ‘m praying Paul’s prayer every day that He would give me a revelation of his love. Thanks for that reminder, Brad & Wayne.

  2. Loved this guys! I so identify with what you said Brad. “Not needing people to need you” A year and half has gone by since I left Leading worship at a church for 8 years, and this has been one of the biggest hurtles for me…. But ! the best thing that ever happened to me. Because my leaving left a lot of people wondering about my faith and where I stood with God (Neo Calvinist church) I was left in a small town having to rebuild community. Lets just say Jesus always came through and continues to today. He has shown me that He is enough, that He loves me more than I could ever know and that performance and people loving me was me chasing after a dream of being my own God. Humbling, but ever so freeing!
    Thanks so much guys for listening so well.


  3. I really liked what Brad said about the brain not working as a master, but rather as a servant. That was a rewind-and-listen-again moment for me. 🙂

  4. Thought about writing some thoughts but as I started the following song was playing on my computer…..I’ll just leave the lyrics for everyone as a testimony. This is from the Blackthorn Project ( The song is called “Whisper Your Love” off of the Reckless CD. You can listen to it on their site. Blessings

    when I’m small
    when I’m helpless
    when I’m scared to leave the place where I hide
    when my head is loud
    but full of nothing
    o how I need the sound of your voice

    everytime I cry
    help me remember

    your love is so great you lift up my heavy heart
    you break off the ropes that burn my skin
    your love is so great you set me in open fields
    you whisper your love, you whisper your love

    when I’m small
    when I’m helpless
    when I’ve believed all the lies I’ve been told
    when I’m tangled up in lesser loves
    o how I need the strength of your touch

  5. The thing I value about these podcasts is the “walking along side” that you are allowing Father to do through you. Your experiences give some conceptual framework to the things I see Father doing in me over the last several years and an assurance that I’m not alone in thinking it should be different. It seems fairly clear (although not as crystal clear as I would like) that Father wants me involved in “ministry leadership” not sure what else to call it or exactly how that is going to play out. But the changes in my perspective of how that operates, feels, etc. have been making sea changes by Him in me. So this podcast ,specifically, gave me a “yes, that’s what Father is doing, ok I understand a little better.” sort of illumination on my walk with Him. Thanks and do keep doing them.

  6. Hi guys love your podcast.It it spoke to my heart .I believe that God truly speak’s threw the Heart I have read a couple of books on the heart one is from the Heart Math Insitute call reducing Stress threw the heart and Heart Codes which was written by i man who study heart transplant patients and how they would take on the others person heart thet received thoughts and ways of doing things,
    I thank God for open my heart to begin to see His perfect love.
    Love Dan

  7. Hi Guys
    I was encouraged by this talk
    I love it that God loves me, He walks with me, He is on my side, He always welcomes me with open arms. I am His little child and He is my Dada.
    As He is to us is how I want to be to others. loving and welcoming them first. No matter what
    thanks for this

  8. Hi guys — I’ve been following your podcast for a few weeks now, and it is a tremendous relief and blessing to feel so understod by folks I’ve never met!

    I blogged this morning about my experience in learning to live loved, and thought I’d share it with you since you have been instrumental in connecting the dots for me:

    Looking forward to continuing the God journey. Thanks!

    ~ Keith

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