Singles and the Journey

Wayne and Brad begin by responding comments on the forum from their last podcast on spiritual warfare, then begin a discussion about singles and some of the challenges they face on the journey in answer to a recent email. What came out of it is the joy of living in agenda-free relationships wherever we find ourselves in life. They also comment on marriages where where spouses aren't on the same page and how God connects his people relationally on this journey whether it is in the context of family or beyond it.


  1. I am single by choice but more than that because of my history of emotional and verbal abuse I always thought if I was involved in a relationship I would repeat my history so I never wanted to pass it on.

  2. Wow – this was absolutely awesome and the first time that I’ve ever heard an explanation of why it has been so difficult to connect at church. Also, you are the first married people that I’ve listened to – who were married young – who actually addressed issues associated with being single. You didn’t give the same old same old advice that THEY didn’t follow (you have to be whole, you have to be content etc.). I like the really concrete advice concerning forming relationships. Thanks – this was such a blessing to me.

  3. what a fantastic talk! I thought I was the only freak that wanted to be married forever. I can remember in preschool desiring to be married! 🙂 Hopefully one day I will be. What a blessing this was for me, I can’t express how helpful this was. This gives me so much HOPE, thank you so much!!

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