The Blue Smoke of Selfishness (#527)

It is way to easy to convince ourselves we have God's best interests at heart, even as we're pursuing our own desires. Wouldn't it be great if our own selfishness was as obvious to us as it is to God? It is so easy to deceive ourselves that we're doing something for the glory of God, when it has far more to do with our own needs. Brad joins Wayne again for a conversation about how we pursue God's will, especially in a world where so many others are pursuing their own? Doesn't that set us up to be taken advantage of in the worldly systems that others are exploiting? Learning to live free from our own selfish pursuits and embrace God's reality and his unfolding will is at the heart of our joy and our transformation.

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  1. I was/am always wary of success in life, in the way the world defines success, because of the resulting impact it would have on others. There are so many examples of people that got successful through questionable means, off the backs of others people’s sweat and they took all the credit, they ‘sold their souls to the devil’ and often we see them at the end of that successful life, having the devil to pay. I would rather lead one person to Christ than lead millions to death and destruction, through my ungodly example.

  2. I guess a lot of us are slowly realizing we are significant in who we are not what we do. I to was prophesied over many times and told many great things I would do for God. It set me up for great losses that I am still struggling with. Most of the people I was involved with including my wife have moved on largely because of the fallout of these expectations of myself and the lack of the fulfillment of me becoming this great apostle.OUCH MAN. After many years and the revelation of the father’s love for me I am recovering and looking forward to insignificance. It’s all right to be who I am not what everybody else wants me to be. This is a very lonely road but there are know small opportunities to live in His love and love those he has put in my path. Did I mention it’s still a struggle! Still some blue smoke but it leaves an aftertaste I can learn from. Thank you guys for all you do. Patrick

    • I think so many prophesies are soulish. My husband was divorced and the children went with his wife. There were many prophecies that the children would be returned to their father. We built our house in the belief that we would get the children. It never happened and he has not seen three of them for 30 years. He has seen none of his grandchildren. Those false prophecies are so damaging. I know the lonely walk but I hear Father’s voice and that is more precious than anything.

    • I can totally relate to what you said. Thanks for sharing. Those “you are going to do great things for God” prophesies have tripped me up more than once. Several other prophesies never came true either and it has caused me great disappointment.

  3. I just wanted to say that Brad’s comments at around the 25:50 mark about reacting in grace instead of offense towards those who abuse was right on the money and hit me in the heart on a “conviction leading to liberation” sort of way! Brought me to worship God for His goodness and His radical, scandalous grace. That He hates the abuse and the control, but how He loves that person committing those acts and wants to set them free so badly by the revealing of His abundant love. A love that fills up to overflowing, displacing sin, wounds, hurts, and voids that cause everyone (including themselves) so much pain. I know that was me, and that I still fall into that and still continue to rely on that grace and forgiveness. Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing these things to us! And thanks Brad and Wayne for sharing your journey.

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