A Way to Live Differently (#599)

"Repentance is responding to God's invitation to life and living it differently than I already am." That jewel comes out of a letter to Wayne and Brad from Lauren in Tennessee. It is part of a compelling story where she was faced with choosing between doing what she wanted or responding to the Spirit's nudge to lay down her life for someone who was mistreating her. Jesus did say, "The greatest among you will be the servant of all," but that is never easy to live. That theme keeps cropping up as Brad and Wayne catch up from the last couple of weeks as they both helped move their sons cross-country. The kingdom of God invites us to live counter to the world's pursuit of its own pleasures and actually connect with others in a way that transforms us from the inside out and allows the kingdom to break into the world. Choosing his way in our circumstances is rarely our first thought, but doing so will shape us into the men and women he wants in the world.

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  1. Great podcast guys! I also see the disconnect between what the media and advocacy groups attempt to feed us, and how we actually live and act in the ‘real world’. Even sports, which is used by many as a means of escape, has not been untouched by the political and social biases that permeate the rest of the reporting. I agree that it is impossible for us to be totally unbiased in our views and opinions, that our lens is clouded by familial, social, and societal influence, among other things. The only clear lens is the Jesus lens (where did I hear that before (lol)).

  2. Loved the Anne Lamott quote! It certainly applies to human nature. The divine nature changes everything. Loved what Brad related about recognizing the change in thinking that transforms the heart. It is such joy to suddenly realize that bit by bit as we focus on God and how much he loves us that our heart changes not in a forced way but in genuine love. In my case, it seems to have snuck up on me but it is such a pleasant surprise!

  3. I loved the little gem, “Repentance is responding to God’s invitation to life & living it differently than I already am.” I felt very affirmed in the path we’ve been on. I hadn’t thought of our recent 15-yr-season of life as repentance. It really fits. We fielded an invitation from the Lover of our soul to: “Rise up, my love and come away, leave that comfort zone behind” SS our comfort zone had become religious activity to the max.
    Responding to Him and leaving the comfort zone of religious activity has been a 15 year journey for my wife & I at present. Yaaaay God!!

    For Lauren, I was left feeling a little more like the application of that statement might end up being too much on “self denial” what with passing up such a good job opportunity. Today, I ran into this discussion of self denial in an email & thought to try to share the link.


    • I think Lauren’s act wasn’t self-denial, per se. It was obedience to the Spirit’s voice in her. Self-denial was not the purpose, it was simply the fruit of following him. It’s best that way.

  4. It’s become obvious to me in these last 15 years—hoping to learn to follow the leading of the Spirit o/s church organization walls— that I live with, or in more questions posed from within than answers from without. I do often find myself in that questioning conversation with Jesus and Peter, “what is it to you, what I’ve said to him, you follow Me”.
    And I hear that in parts, “What is it to you what I said to another of my disciples? And I think, “we’ll, it’s something to be considered.
    Then I hear Him reiterate, don’t disregard what I said to John, but follow Me and you’ll see what I’m saying to you even when it’s quite different than what I’ve said to him.
    I’m pretty sure I can’t know Lauren’s inclinations, but I love the story that unfolded from that job incident and hope to be motivated by The Spirit to respond similarly when that kind of situation is on my path.

  5. My husband was living in Effingham (SC) when I met him 6 years ago! 🙂 I, too, wondered who named the town! :O

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