The Wonder of Real Community

Wayne and Brad catch up with some listener email and find themselves contemplating the wonder of real community when followers of Jesus find each other and encourage each other to live in the light, without manipulating or trying to fix each other. They talk about the power of fear to sidetrack that reality and end up asking the question whether or not the church is the source of God's life among people, or whether it is the fruit of people already drawing from God as their source. If you want to watch Fester S. Koots yourself, try this YouTube link.


  1. This hit where it hurt as I did this very thing in Colorado to Dan on Saturday and Father is faithful and dealt with me for two days about it. I knew there was something I wasn’t seeing and it was pointed out to me in this podcast. Thanks! Vivian

  2. This is the first podcast I’ve listened to and will listen to many more! Have you guys heard of Celebrate Recovery? It sounds like there are a lot of CR principles in what you are talking about. You are 100% right that we can not “fix” anyone. Thank you for letting God reach out through you!

    Bowling Green, KY

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