The Gospel as Commodity?

Wayne and Brad are back from the International Christian Retailing Show with some questions and concerns about the intersection of the gospel and economics in our day. Fed by a listener's question about whether we making the gospel a commodity by hiring pastors to teach what we want to hear, their conversation takes an interesting detour through the conflicts between God desires and Mammon's demands, the overwhelming need for the systems we create to be fed by our hard work and resource, the mistaken notion that we have to figure it out before we can follow him, and the difference between grabbing all we can get and living inside the Father's generosity.


  1. if you haven’t read all of the watchman nee book you mentioned it is really good. Also a book called dangerous wonder,by Michael Yaconelli.You guy’s probably have already read them, but if not check’em out. I have wished for a long time one of you could make it to Florida, Me and my family would enjoy haging out awhile with you. We have quite a few friends that we turned on to your podcast to help them put words to their feelings. Thank you for following the spirit.

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