Out of the Shadows (#803)

What happens when you discover the world is bigger than you thought it was and you are not the person you've been told you are?  Everyone on a transformational journey has those moments when they come face-to-face with a reality bigger than themselves and must decide whether to embrace that revelation or retreat into the false comfort of their illusions. Tessa Van Wade, the author of a new book called Out of the Shadows, joins Wayne on a special podcast about her new book and her spiritual journey. Raised inside the guilt of religion, she is discovering increased freedom in the reality of God's love and embracing the wider world of his wisdom and her identity in him. Her book is a reflection of that journey, as well as a compelling mystery/thriller that makes a great summer read.

Podcast Notes:
Book Trailer for Out of the Shadows
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  1. Sounds like a great book! I just pre-ordered my copy on Amazon and hope it gets delivered before I leave for vacation!

  2. Rhythm? I don’t understand what is meant by “own rhythm” or what “rhythms of grace” means. I feel like I am going through this big transition, but just called it a process. It has been treacherous. That false voice has spoken “suicide” in different tones…over and over…in the last six months or so. Precious relationships have been broken and shattered.
    I understand the inner subtle things that just explode at times, and scream negativs.

  3. Rhythm is a metaphor, Lindy. There’s the noise of the world, or religion, that seeks to make us live in conformity to their priorities. Most people live their lives on that beat and with those emotions. The rhythm of the Spirit is a different beat, more subtle, often in the background. It takes some time to tune our hearts to the rhythm of God’s love, grace, and wisdom. When we learn to live on his heartbeat, rather than the fears of and lies of the enemy, we get to live in his freedom. And yes, learning to live in that reality often puts you at odds with people who want to control you with fear and accusations. Unfortunately, precious relationships are sometimes a casualty of this journey. People who can’t control you will often end up hating you. It’s sad that many people can’t love what they cannot control. I’m sorry for the pain here, Lindy. Life can be cruel. But keep walking down the road Jesus is inviting you to and you will find the grace to live in a broken world without being crushed by it.

  4. Tessa, you are delightful woman and gifted writer. I loved hearing the excitement in your voice and the freedom in your laugh. I hope your book launch is “to the moon.” I for one will recommend it to my friends. It will certainly provide great discussion. Blessings to you and your family.
    Ralaine Fagone

  5. Is this going to be available on audio any time soon? I am on the road quite a bit and would like to listen. Thanks!

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