At Rest in the Father’s Delight (#802)

Life changes completely the day we come to rest in the reality God is for us not against us no matter what we've done. And then we know that the ugliest and most painful circumstances we face can become tools in Father's to shape his glory in us. Finding our way into that freedom is key to our spiritual growth. On this podcast, Wayne invites his good friend John Lynch (co-author of Bo's Cafe, Truefaced, The Cure, and author of On My Worst Day,) to talk about his journey from atheism, to religious obligation, and then to a growing certainty of a Father's love that holds him through the harsh realities of life in a broken world. They also talk about John's book as an incredible tool to help people tune their hearts and minds to God's voice.

Podcast Notes:
Previous Podcast about On My Worst Day
John's website: John Lynch Speaks
Previous podcasts by John to The God Journey
Find the Video Version Here
My Friend Luis, the podcast
Order Wayne's new book Live Loved Free Full


  1. Thanks so much for this conversation….truth and the depth of the Gospel being upacked. Bless both of you, Sue

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