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Wayne's finished up his two-week trip to Europe in Vallorbe, Switzerland at the home of his good friends, Silvio and Dominique Viotti. Silvio has been on a couple of podcasts so Wayne took the opportunity to talk to Silvio about what Father seems to be doing in sees God doing in Europe. Wayne shares some of his experiences in Norway, Italy, and Switzerland and why so many people let fear sidetrack them from the path Jesus is inviting them to explore. Living in a growing trust in Jesus' wisdom is a far better way to navigate life than being driven by our fears. So many people start well and then miss the fruit of the journey as the retreat back into their own wisdom.

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  1. Early in the podcast, Wayne asked Silvio “Do you see God doing anything in Europe that excites you…?” It is interesting that I’ve heard one or two other brothers & sisters pose a similar question in the last week…with not much response.

    One thing I’ve learned in my own journey with Jesus is that it is helpful to look in the right places to see Him working. In a traditional “church” environment of any size, there are often those, newer in faith that can benefit from another lay-person taking the time to come alongside and encourage them in their journey and maybe just be a friend.

    But I know there are also those that want to stand with the more marginalized; the imprisoned, the stranger, the widow, the orphan, the sick, the hungry, etc. Where the least of these are, is where you will almost always see Jesus at work through those choosing to also be present and connect with them.

  2. I love this comment, Perry. It’s all a matter of where we look isn’t it? I traveled around a bit of Europe for a couple of weeks and I see lots of God’s fingerprints in people’s lives. But if we look for conferences, institutions, and news stories, it may not look like he is doing much. God works best in the personal exchanges we have with people, and with those in the most need.

  3. I am not a swiss-german – I am a german german…dangereous people 😉
    I truly believe one of the main hindrances is isolation. People that get on the journey are often isolated. People they know – are in church and fellowship with other church members.
    And it would be to easy to tell them “Let God be enough”
    To enter the path, be a cheerleader as Wayne says and to understand how God enjoys an authentic walk with people around is difficult in a surrounding where Christians talk about revival, moving the hand of god through 24/7 prayer and worship and so much more ….strange stuff.
    But as a friend once said – we are not talking about Revival, we do not need to be revived because we are not dead.
    I had the privilege while entering the System church more than 30 years ago to get introduced to a person “Jesus”.
    In the years that followed I knew only the church system – but was also already infected 😉 with HIM, fell in love with HIM….a lot of times this got me in trouble.
    On the pike of my church involvement – being real busy in church (Bibles school, prison ministry and and and) I heard Jesus clearly in a prayer time.
    He told me “You are lazy and unfaithful” – I guess some may think HE is not talking that way – but He did to me and I needed it that way.
    I was so mad and named Him with some really bad names, mad I gave him a list of all I do.
    He loved on me, was not withdrawing from me and explained until I understood – He was looking for me personally.
    I cannot give solutions or clever theories but I recognized “HE totally fell in love with me” – that keeps me on the trail and I more and more enjoy it.
    Was great to spend some hours with you Wayne near Zürich and I can only repeat myself you are a great “Helper of our joy”

    • I loved it too, Dieter. You’re a man after God’s heart and he has obviously done some good things in you. I know Jesus can talk like that. He’s not interested in just comforting us, but also letting us be part of his unfolding purpose in the world… Love will do that!

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