The Letter From David

Ever wondered what it looks like up close as someone begins to sort out the reality of living with God as Father? In an engaging email Wayne received a few weeks ago, David shares how his relationship with God has taken on a fresh and new dimension in his own life. His observation and comments open a door for Brad and Wayne to comment on some of the key pieces of understanding that are an important part in living with God the way Father has invited us to do so. (Our new music on this Podcast is provided courtesy of Greg and Jen Campbell at basic music ministries. Click here to hear their lastest album on iTunes.)


  1. I just found your site along with a couple of weeks ago and have already devoured the articles and podcasts on both. My wife and I have just started disconnecting from many of our religious obligations to pursue a real relationship with God so we’re still in the “de-tox” stage. It’s been strange, but like so many others have said, I’ve got no regrets. I’ve enjoyed hearing so many other Christians are living outside the box and it encourages me to continue on the path. I look forward to hearing more from y’all. Oh, and go Astros!

  2. I laughed and cried as I listened to this podcast. I hope I never get over the excitement I experience when hearing of another child of God learning how to lived loved and experience the love of God for himself.

    Brad’s experience with pain and God saying he always looked at his life as though in the presence of pain there was an absence of God…that was priceless and is my experience as well. When I’m experiencing something I don’t like—one of my adult children making a painful life choice that is not in my best interest. There I was concluding God’s abandoned me and God’s left me and I have church full of people who agree. I’m learning to experience the love of God for myself and the Father present with me in spite of what I’m going through; that alone solves many of my unresolved religious issues. Sure, religion fails but God’s love for me does not fail.

    In the Pentecostal church I attended, there was a prevalent belief system. If I really walked with God right everything in my life would eventually be put right. If the migraines didn’t get healed and if my husband lost his job or my daughter was raped, whatever kind of trouble came into my life, if they were there it was because I wasn’t doing something right in my relationship with God. I was taught if you will do it right then God puts you on this progressive path where there is no conflict or trouble. Looking back after God asked me “why would you think that?” I realized I had to ignore three fourths of the New Testament to believe this, but I had a hard-wired connection in my brain.

    Right…it’s foundational but still and always the love OF God is revelation! Me, too! I think I am experiencing the tangible love of God for myself. It’s not an emotion but something much deeper with a connection that has never been there before. And I’ve been a believer for a long time. The reason I know it’s true is because it is there day after day. Not fleeting like emotions. I am beginning to have a sense of living loved as a child of God and he is literally answering the life-long cry of my heart to know Him and to understand His love. Not that I would love him and know him like that; but that He loves me “like that.” I can’t get my mind around the freedom and peace I am experiencing living loved as a child of God and having an amazing Father “like that.”

    I’m not from Texas originally but all I can say is Yahoo!

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