A Process of Prayer (#928)

Kyle finally has a chance to jump and help Wayne process what he shared in the previous two podcasts as Kyle was dealing with a scary family medical emergency at home. He wants to know more about the process of prayer this group has undergone, especially since we began without a predetermined goal or outcome. How were the emotions going through the process and how did they keep the momentum going for so long?  They also talk about Wayne's perspective on the possibility that we are approaching the End of Days and is Jesus coming back as a terrifying judge or as a rescuer and redeemer?

Podcast Notes:


  1. This end-of-time conversation reminded me of Matt. 10:34 where Jesus said that he is bringing a sward that will even divide households.
    And I have seen divisions in my own family. Sure some of it is personality differences or age differences but through it all I see the LOVE that binds my brother and sisters and myself together so that we meet week by week.

  2. Thank you so much for your input. You have touched on many areas that have troubled me in the past few months. A thought that came to me – it’s so much better to do things with God than for God. Sometimes we get so stressed when we need to relax in our Father’s love.

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