The Dreams Religion Kills

Brad and Wayne follow up their previous podcast "When Dreams Die", with some listener reaction. Trying to serve God through the grid of our religious effort is a road littered with disillusions and broken dreams. After investing so much in that which bore so little fruit, what do we do with the resulting pain and feeling that we've wasted so many years?


  1. I remember a scripture I read within a week of leaving full time service in the Mega church arena…
    Galatians 1:1 – “…I was not appointed by any group or by human authority. My call is from Jesus Christ Himself and from God the Father, who raised Jesus from the dead.” (NLB) But instead of APPOINTED I mistakenly read DISAPPOINTED. I then laughed to realize God was telling me to focus on Him and not men. It’s great to forgive and move on in His freedom and love.

    I’m still learning to breath outside the box.

    Thanks for helping me!

  2. I’m still learning to BREATHE outside the box.

    Please correct my mispelling. ;)!

  3. What I have learned from my church that split down to eight people in 1995 is all the people I had looked up to did not have it all together. For example, about a year after the split I found myself unemployed and in need of assistance and so swallowing my pride went down to the county office to apply for assistance and food stamps, while there I saw a couple that looked familiar as I filled out the application, when suddenly God brought a memory to mind of a church picnic when the woman of the couple was holding her husband’s arm, carrying an umbrella to shield herself from the sun, walking by with her nose in the air, this memory made me stop and look at this couple and the first things that popped in my mind was what are “they” doing her? and Father reminded me that they were doing exactly what I was doing asking for help. The image this couple was displaying was an illusion, they did not have it all together. My friend says that our old church helped people build their life on illusions, not standing before God broken seeking the healer. This was an excellent podcast. Thank you.

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