He Is Enough

Wayne gets recruited by an atheist and Brad and he end up in a discussion about how religion exploits us all by rewarding the achievers and manipulating the powerless. Self always wants to validate itself by what we can do and offers validation based on false realities. That performance trap either leads us to self-boasting and a sense of entitlement, or the condemnation of never thinking we are doing enough. Jesus offers us a connection with the Father that is more than enough in times of plenty and in times of great need.


  1. Maybe it’s just me but this installment was particularly rich. I’ll be listening to this one a few more times I’m sure! I easily relate to your descriptions of the religious treadmills of appeasement and achievement and the resulting extremes of anger and arrogance. Just as your pastor friends admitted, many of us are finding this stuff truly is not working. For 20 years I’ve been on staff at a a non-denominational church and I’ve struggled so much with these things, especially considering the dynamics involved with me being closely related to the pastor and wanting so desperately to live up to what I perceived were his expectations. For years I stumbled along wearing various hats along the way (youth leader, worship leader, personal assistant, etc), always struggling to keep up appearances but being totally empty and frustrated from battling shame, guilt, failure, etc. on the inside.

    Your discussions and writings have offered such a healthy perspective. I no longer worry about wearing hats and living up to expectations now as I daily find myself in that tractor beam reality of Father’s affectionate love pouring into and through my life. Simple trust is bringing profound freedom and transformation! I haven’t left the ‘institutional church’ because I haven’t felt that ‘nudge’ to do so, although I did seriously ponder the idea in recent months after reading ‘Jake’ and also knowing friends who are experiencing genuine life in Christ outside of the Sunday go-to-church approach. I’m delighted for them and I love to stay connected with them whenever possible. But you guys have helped keep me focused on just responding to what Father is sorting out for me and I’m loving it. Besides, the message of Grace in my local church has been dismantling much of our institutional stuff already. I know not everyone finds this to be true with their own church experience, so responding to Him individually is paramount. For me – come hell, high water, recession, republicans, democrats – I don’t care any more… I’m having a blast waking up every day in the reality of Dad’s love for me and all who He puts in my path. Keep slinging it!

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