When Grace Overruns Pain

When you're trapped in pain, you can't imagine what grace might do to invite you out, but Paul and Janna LaFrance have lived through their own brokenness and found God's grace more than sufficient to heal and restore them. On a recent trip to Canada, Wayne asked them to share a bit about their journeys and how they are helping others find the light of grace in their darkness. Paul is a deck-builder and TV host on HGTV Canada. Janna has just written a new book entitled, "A Girl Named Grace", a compelling novel about a young woman trapped in an unfolding nightmare that threatens to destroy her. Then she begins to hear a voice in her head and thinks she might be going nuts. What transpires shows the depths God will go to walk us out of our pain. Together they are parents to four girls and rockers with a message of love and hope. Their band, Found in the Fury, is just releasing a new album called, "Songs from the Cave" One of their cuts debuts at the end of the podcast and underscores the content of this podcast.

Podcast Links:

  • Paul and Janna's website, Safehouse Media
  • Janna's book, A Girl Named Grace. You can read the first chapter here.
  • Wayne's blog on A Girl Named Grace
  • Found in the Fury CD
  • Paul's deck-building TV shows with HGTV in Canada
  • We need some help clothing some orphans in Kenya
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    1. I appreciated what Janna said about knowing and loving God all her life. That’s the way it’s been for me as well. Also liked what she said about God seeking after us. Certainly that’s what Jesus taught, and how we got the idea that He’s just waiting around for us to come crawling back to Him is beyond me. I suppose guilt and shame are a large part of it.

      I do believe we search for Him as well, but we don’t know how to find Him so He ends up having to come to us. We are lost, not because we are damaged and need to be replaced, but because we are disconnected and need to be reunited. We are constantly seeking to repair the damage, while God is trying to draw us unto Himself.

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