A Year to Remember (#925)

Is our obedience to God strategic or specific? Does it come from following a plan God reveals to us or from simply following him each day and recognizing the opportunities and options he brings to us? The answer to that has had a profound impact on both their lives this year, so after talking some about that, they take a quick lap around the themes and topics that have most shaped them from these conversations over 2023. They talk about anticipation or expectation, God viewing sin as trauma, the God-shaped life, the redemptive story unfolding in all of us, and how we can share in God's sufferings in the same way Jesus invited Peter, James, and John to share it with him in Gethsemane.

Podcast Notes:


  1. Happy New Year Wayne & Kyle. Throughout my 65 years it seems that in this journey with God, he has been teaching me about his Love. To sum it up thus far. I would say that what lifelong Beliefs we settle into from FEAR have little or no restorative power. But when we settle into a way of believing and also living as a result of our learning about and experiencing the fulness of God’s vast Love for us we WILL be transformed back to the wonderous creatures who Christ originally made us to be. Then, soul by soul, we will paticipate in the final restoration of all things, with God being all in all!

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