Can You Make God Too Nice?

Darin Hufford, the author of The God's Honest Truth joins Wayne and Brad in a discussion about the character of God and whether or not we can ever comprehend just how good he is. In his book Darin's takes the statement "God is love" and holds it against God's description of love in I Corinthians 13. In doing so it becomes painfully clear that the God religion teaches us about is exactly the opposite of the God Paul wanted us to know. You'll enjoy Darin's heart and humor. You can find out more about Darin and his book at the Free Believers Network website.


  1. Great podcast! I must say that coming to the realization of God’s love is so freeing.

    I was angry most of my life and didn’t even know it. I was angry with God for a long time because I couldn’t measure up. I had been taught that we had to perform to earn God’s favor. Papa’s love has set me free to love and forgive those that brought pain into my life. To be free from this seething anger is sooooo good. To walk in Papa’s unconditional love is awesome.

    God is love!


  2. Thanks guys, I just listened to my wifes ipod and I loved the program. Thanks Darin for helping me see my fathers heart. Years ago, I would tend to see God as an impatient father like my earthly father was, and to hear 1 Cor. 13 presented like that is so freeing and wonderful to me. I have read The Shack, and He Loves Me, so it isn’t new today but still sinking in. Love you guys and keep up the good stuff.

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