A Death Worth Dying

Interaction with many of our listeners on the Forum to the 'It's About Jesus' podcast collided with experiences from Wayne's recent trip to the St. Louis area to create the perfect storm for further dialog about what it means to connect with Jesus in a way that fulfills God's desire for our growing relationship with him. On the one hand it is so simple as he takes the lead in the relationship, and on the other hand it invites us to lose our life in him instead of saving it on our own.

We also repaired the 'It's About Jesus" podcast. It had some technical difficulties on the first run.


  1. Hi Wayne and Brad: After hearing about the guy who was brandishing the scripture in Hebrews about not forsaking the assembling of yourselves, etc……..I had to laugh. Wayne had just talked about being in Saint Louis, and he recently went to Pennsylvania and has been to Washington, Canada, South Africa, not to mention all the other places he goes to in order to encourage and exhort and even *gasp* minister and help folks! Oh my, what are you thinking Wayne? You should be cloistered in a church building every Sunday where you hardly talk to anyone and dont know the name of the person who belongs to the head in front of you? Now that’s assembling!! So, with that being said, when the guy brandishes the scripture just say: puhlease, put out that fire, you are preaching to the choir! LOLOLOL. Robin

  2. Thanks for this pod cast session! I appreciate the language of this session and the fact that you took the time to discuss this topic, I really, really thank you! There are many of us who are beyond religious structures that holds us back and distracts us towards a real, live relationship with the way of Jesus! Now that’s real… Keep keeping it real! Peace!

  3. That was so meaningful it brought tears to my eyes. I have also felt so empty that the hole in my soul feels it is as unbelievably big as the eternal God. I also had to look after a cat during its last day of suffering from renal failure and God used it to teach me a lesson about love. I am not a great cat lover but Kitty comforted me and made me very aware of a love I could not fully comprehend. She lay purring in my arms until her heart stopped.

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