Religiously Transmitted Fears (#828)

Is learning to live loved by God a selfish pursuit?  One man thought it was at a recent gathering Wayne held in Florida. He thought it was more important that people try to help the lost be born again. Religion trades on fear—fear of God's punishment, fear of what others think, fear of not doing enough to keep God on our side, or the fear that I'll lose control. As the recent episodes of the Mars Hill podcast demonstrate, it not only affects the average Christian but also dominates leaders as well. Love is not peripheral to the kingdom; it is the antidote to religious fear and the very thing Jesus wanted us to know personally and to spread in the world.  Love is just a word until someone comes along and shows us its meaning.

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  1. WAYNE!!!! This was the best podcast (for me) that I have heard in a loooooong time. Dear Father! That’s all I can communicate to you right now. But, for real, thanks again, really!!!

    Wait, one more thing. I don’t think I have ever gone through every emotion I have in my being… in 40 minutes!!! I am worn out!


    • You’re welcome. I loved this conversation with Kyle as well. We had no idea where this was going to go. Thanks for letting us know.

  2. Hi Marcia…caught your enthusiasm…yes there are some podcasts that resonate very strongly aren’t there….may He continue to walk us out of fears. Blessings, Sue

  3. Hello Sue!

    Your are exactly right! This episode gave me life and then I got so excited it tuckered me out, LOL! There was just so much richness; so much instruction, but in kind of a different way or direction. I am still trying to process all of this. I think the best way to describe what I am feeling is the word “breakthrough”. Maybe next level? Don’t know, but it’s all good and overwhelming at the same time.

    Wayne and Kyle’s last podcast was great but this one just shoved me on or through or to the next step(?). Maybe one of them will respond. If not, I know Papa will.

    May Abba Bless you too, Sue,


    • Hi Marcia. I must have missed something back there. I’ll go back and look. Sorry. I was in Florida last week and on the road I focus there and some of this Internet stuff gets by me.

  4. Hi Wayne,

    I am sorry I did not make it clear what I wanted you to respond to; and really, you don’t have to respond to anything. I was just excited about finally realizing how faithful Jesus has been in my life and for whatever reason, you guys made my relationship with Father become more real. There was so much treasure in this podcast. Maybe I should have stated that first; so much revelation. It was like my past and my present collided with the stories you told in your conversation with Kyle, and it, for some reason, helped me to see my alignment with Jesus is closer than I realized.

    Okay, that’s enough. Please don’t respond to this, LOL!! I probably sound like a nut but I promise, this podcast gave me such a needed boost. It’s like Jesus set me free from so many fears listening to your stories.

    You and Kyle are such a gift. Thanks for all you two do. It is appreciated.


  5. Excellent podcast. I don’t think I’m quite as excited about it as Marcia. Ha. But, good on ya Marcia! Sounds like you have some fun stuff going on!

    As I finished listening to the 2.5 hour marathon episode on Mars Hill and then this episode 2 things jumped out for me.
    1. How religion teaches us not to speak out against the leaders of the institution and how much damage could be potentially averted if people were taught that their voice mattered and to trust their own relationship with Jesus.
    2. When someone uses the “God told me” card with arrogant certainty about themselves or others again people tend to not only blindly accept it but get on board and rally behind it without any discernment about the initial “word”. For instance, “God told me to plant churches and teach the bible” sounds good(actually not really) but for me at this point I would question if that was God’s voice at all and rather just at best a misinterpretation that needed to be explored more or at worst a good marketing plan by a charismatic personality.

    The good news is thanks to voices like Wayne and Kyle, and others, the Church is doing much better at discerning Father’s voice in our life for ourselves. I guess the damage done by religion helps as well if we’re honest enough to question it.

  6. Hi Mike,

    Yeah, I just couldn’t help it 🙂 But, I’ve finally calmed down, whew!

    Your post captured a lot of what I was trying to say. And you are right, Wayne and Kyle’s (and yours too, Mike) voices truly do add to the learning of community. I really appreciate it all.


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