Koinonia Killers

Christian fellowship isn't rocket science. People passionate about Jesus who get near each other find themselves sharing his life without much work at all—unless something gets in the way. And believe us, things can get in the way. We call those koinonia killers and Brad and Wayne not only discuss the kinds of things people can do that sabotage, even unwittingly, but also what others can do to turn those moments into doorways of growth instead of barriers to bodylife.


  1. Oh, Father God! The enemy really is … me!! I hate Christian meetings with people who have their own agenda – and yet how often do I do the same! Agggggh! I feel like Paul – who will save me from this body of death? And thank You Jesus that You have – but I need to walk in what you’ve done. I need to walk in Your Spirit. To love the unlovely – and some days that feels like the entire visible Christian community, including myself! – I need Your love to do it with. My own measly love just doesn’t cut the mustard. It never has and it never will. Oh, why is this such a hard thing to learn! When will my flesh just lay down and die!!!!!

  2. I gosh, I have been so guilty here to say nothing during a house church meeting to a person who is off on a rambling rant (Brother “Chicken Little” and Brother “Take Back America” come to mind), yet to discuss how annoying and wacky these people are afterwards with my husband. However, I think one of the reasons this happens is that house church meetings usually wind up functioning as support groups when they meet together solely on a weekly manner and not as “living life together”. Each person is able to “have the floor”, and whether we agree or not isn’t important (we must be polite and respectful nonetheless). It seems like a good thing, but gets yucky after a while.

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