Joy to the World (#516)

How do you live in God's joy when life around us is filled with so much pain? How does God do it? With all that's broken in the world, how does he dare to invite us into his joy so that our joy can be full? Brad joins Wayne for a discussion about the transformation that occurs when we are no longer attached to the outcome of our circumstances and thus can find our joy in him even when things do not go the way we hoped or planned. Seeing Father's hand at work even in the face of incredible tragedy helps us find an inner joy that grows greater than any circumstance around us. That's the joy God knows. They also talk about how living without expectations won't our passion to be the change in the world God wants, but it will keep us from trying to force our way on others.

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  1. A “NATO“ lifestyle. . . (Not Attached To Outcome) That’s a keeper! I just completed a annual medical complete with all lab (blood draw) results that were surprisingly good for the most part.

    At 60, morbidly obese and at a crossroad for major change (nutrition and exercise), a “NATO” lifestyle is just what the Dr. ordered. I’m changing because I get to and not because I got to.

    “Why God didn’t make vegetables taste like chocolate cake is beyond me. I would have.”
    LOL Me too… 🙂

  2. Wow! I was blown away by that. So awesome. Thank you for sharing your journey. So inspiring. Help me, God, to let go so that I’m NATO too and can experience Your joy no matter what.

  3. Isn’t that the truth! As we start thinking that way more we realize that genuine love is such a big part of that. And we tend to think that we can change someone by the things we say even in a disapproving way? We say sometimes it takes “tough love” to really get our point across. Is that really “love” then? Love never fails!

  4. I have recently and painfully realized how much I have been living in a false self. Living in this false self rendered me trying to control myself, at times others, and circumstances…I did not even know I was doing this. My true self, created in His image, was buried underneath shame, fear and control. I did not mean harm…but i still harmed. Living in this self-protective false self caused me to trust in myself and not God.
    I have recently experienced the miserably wonderful revelation that I do not trust God…at least not fully. Instead, I have trusted in my ability to know things, control things, and increase my knowledge. Doing this caused me to forfeit any joy my Father wants to give me. After all, how can I receive anything from God when I think “I got this.” I have unknowingly tried to move circumstances to the outcome I have wanted – not always have I done this, but more than I ever imagined even six months ago.
    My heart broke admitting that i do not trust God! I have lived with God for over 23 years, and only now have I admitted that I don’t trust Him. I have trusted my theology, and my ability to rationalize who God is; but I have not fully let myself be the little child trusting in my Father no matter the outcome. I am understanding that i am scared still that the outcome will hurt more than I can bear.
    I am learning to surrender my will to His will and listen to his voice. I am learning to quite my logical mind and listen with a different lens – a lens of the heart. I am learning to be more in the moment and live loved, and slowly watch fear loose more and more of its grip on me. Sadly, I think I have had more faith in Satan and fear, than in God and His love.
    I am giving God more and more space to rule in my heart and replace my miserable isolation with the joy of His affections towards me.

    • Love the journey you are on, Jim! I think many others can relate, especially that fearing the enemy more than trusting Father. Blessings to you!

      • Thanks, Wayne. I am not loving the pain of the journey. However, I know that the pain tenderizes my heart for something new. The paradox of painfully-good, miserably-wonderful… is so true for me. I think of the beaver answering the question by Lucy in Chronicles of Narnia, “Is he (Aslan) safe?” The beaver answers, ” ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good.”

  5. The toughest/simplest/hardest/easiest task I’ve ever been given, by Papa,,, and the most rewarding,,, “be still, and know that I am God”,,,, in the quiet moments that are in every day,,,
    I squeal inside, every time there’s a new podcast, not because I need,, but because it’s so refreshing to hear,,, Thanks Papa

  6. Trust. I see and hear the word repeated over and over again. Do I trust God?

    Trust involves believing that what He says is true. The devil comes along and says “Has God said…?”

    I am a man who has been self reliant for many years. As I came to a greater understanding of Papa’s love for me, I began asking Him to help me trust Him.

    It was a dangerous request I found out. While my certainty in Him increased, the world around me becomes increasingly uncertain and challenging. Today I find my security blankets being stripped away even further. My only option it seems is to be still and wait and watch… a very helpless feeling.

    Yesterday, Papa reminded me that I had asked Him a number of years ago to help me learn to trust Him … and that the process of learning trust will require lack of clarity, uncertainty and ambiguity. How else do I learn to lean on Him alone?

    Ugh. My flesh is not very happy. But my spirit is kind of excited by the adventure and the possible wonder awaiting me.

    I think for many of us there is the worrisome question: What is God’s part and what is my part? The “my part” of the question is what makes me anxious. What if I somehow miss my part of the equation.

    I once read that we are not called to do for God, but receive what He is already doing for us. I think there is truth in that statement. Perhaps our part is far simpler than we imagine? Maybe it is more about what He is doing than what I am doing?

    In hindsight I see his faithful provision over and over again that seems independent of my abilities and my doing. But then looking forward I still doubt that He will continue to provide. Fickle me.

    But deeply loved nonetheless…

    He does not give up on me, and continues the shaping and moulding of my heart so I have a greater knowledge and awareness of His character. Knowing Him. I am growing into a place where I can more confidently say: “YES… God HAS said… I know Him… I can be certain of His plans for me…

    Of course, I still have more lessons… But those lead me higher and deeper into Him.
    He is faithful. Knowing that brings me joy.

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