The Unforced Rhythms of Grace

A dropped cell phone into Shaver Lake and email from our listeners about the recent podcasts on how to live in love with others sparks a conversation about learning to live in what Eugene Peterson called in The Message, the 'unforced rhythms of grace'. Religious views of God create the illusion that God is a miser, only doling out little bits of blessing in response to our most ardent efforts. Jesus dispelled that notion and showed us that his Father is a generous God who wants to set us at ease by teaching us how to participate in his work each day. Free from trying to manipulate him to our desires, we can then live at peace in his.

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  1. I really enjoy yor programs and your honest approach to life..also the ribbing you give each other from time to time I believe makes people feel comprtable with yuo rather they always a gree with you or not.Also the mini slams on our Christianity is something I enjoy as well I think we take ourselves way to serious as people therefore we try to force people into pour way of thinking because of this..Thanks again for what you do….

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