What Is True and How Do You Know? (#790)

"What helps you most to know God is real and that this journey you are on is not just what you tell yourself to feel better?" That question was posed to Wayne this week in an email and he answers it on this podcast? Is it by the Scriptures, history, the Holy Spirit, experiences, or feelings? Since no one knows all that is true, how can we walk in confidence about his light we do see. He shares the five-strand rope he uses to test what is true and the humility that leaves you open to new input God will bring your way to help you come closer to who he is and what he is doing around you.

Podcast Notes:
The Jesus Lens
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  1. I glad I was still feeling sick my friend. This was such a joy to listen to. Cant wait to talk more! Thank you for being willing to share your heart humbly and openly to the world!

  2. Scripture, Spirit, conversations with believers, God’s witness in history, unfolding circumstances. .. helps for me to write it here. This will help me to live by/in the Spirit. Thank you.

    Also, I want to say how I appreciate you taking the time to engage those who may have been offended by your viewpoints. You are being very empathetic. I’m totally on board with what you r saying.

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