Just Who Do We Think He Is?

Is God a distant observer of human history, or intimately involved in the affairs of people? Is he angry at our failures or compassionate for our struggle? These are the questions a new study seeks to answer. American Piety in the 21st Century is a new study conducted by Baylor University to measure how the American people perceive God and his activity or inactivity in our world. The results are fascinating and as Brad and Wayne sort through the data they explore our perceptions of God and how we can grow in knowing him as he really is rather than sorting through oversimplistic and seemingly contradictory characterizations of him.

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  1. Friends and family may leave you but GOD will always be there . I know some days we may feel alone but he is there and answers prayers. GOD is a supernatural spirit and will save our souls . I don’t know about everyone else he is real to me. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

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