The Approval Addiction (#566)

When we aren't finding our life in Jesus each day, we go looking in the strangest places. When our hearts are at rest in him we get to live freely and lovingly in the world. Wayne and Brad catch up on some listener email and talk about the joy of moving away from the do-good, try-harder performance of religious activity to growing in a real relationship with him. That life is not a fairy tale, but a growing curve of learning to be in him instead of left to our own devices. Life in him is not spooky-spiritual, but feels incredibly normal as you walk through circumstances with him. It also leads to a discussion about being so insecure that we seek our validation and approval from others instead of knowing we have his, and having his we don't need to use our relationship with others to feel good about ourselves.

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  1. Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy,,,, I had some questions I was about to ask,,, but,,, they got answered very very well !! Thank you. I love the journey. It’s what makes life worth living, and “oh the memories” of having lived “inside” the box,,, those flashbacks,,, are quite something ! I’m so thankful I don’t need the validation of people around me, because I feel in my heart of hearts that Papa loves me just the way I am, and has truly set me free indeed. Thanks, my dear Brothers, for sharing the way you do,,,

  2. Thanks guys,
    The first letter you read Wayne–the man not feeling what he thinks feeling God’s presence should feel like–for me it isn’t that I actually feel a “presence” all the time guiding me. Rather, it is simply a peace and rest in the knowledge of the truth. I think you guys nailed it when you discussed the performance trap. Thanks so much for letting us in on your conversations…

  3. Is Young a universalist as is claimed by some folks? Can you back up your answer?
    I read where he will not definitively state that Jesus is the only way of salvation and that other religions are wrong about their teachings about Jesus.

    • Are you asking us to speak for Paul Young? All I know is he believed in ultimate reconciliation when I met him. He abandoned that when we re-wrote the book because Brad and I wouldn’t work on it as long as that theology was part of the book. I can say The Shack doesn’t teach universalism because I don’t and I worked through every word of it. As to what Paul espouses or believes today, I have no idea since he has cut off all communication with me. But whatever Paul may or may not believe today, the story the story stands on its own. You either find Truth in it or you don’t. Either way is fine.

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