Unequally Yoked?

What do we do if our spouses are not on the same journey as we are? What if one wants to attend a traditional congregation and the other can no longer endure the tired ritual or collateral control issues and want a more relational engagement with other believers? This topic has come up in emails and on the Forum for the past two years and in this special podcast Wayne's wife Sara joins him to finally take a stab at this important issue. Maybe marriage isn't about trying to be on the same journey, but to support each other's journey with love, respect and freedom as God goes about the work of making us one.


  1. Boy, I really enjoyed the grace-filled commentary today….one that should be listened to a few times….God bless you both.


  2. This was truly a revelation for me. I’ve struggled to find out God’s view on marriage and being yoked … and your insight has freed me. I’d delayed marriage because I wasn’t 100% sold on the religious christian view on this topic, and this one podcast gave the answers I need to move ahead and marry the man I love without condemnation. Thank you.

  3. thankyou sara, 7 wayne,

    i appreciated you sharing how you tended not to share things on your heart sara in the past due to not feeling your opinion to be worthy…i have tended to behave like this my whole life to the extent that i now feel like im invisible within opinionated groups of people

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