Moving On

The important part of being on a journey, is to keep moving. But isn't it so easy to pitch our tents in the pits of frustration, or even the mountain tops of glory, and miss out on Jesus inviting us to the next stage of our journey? Brad and Wayne begin with some follow-up questions from an earlier podcast with the Family Room folks in Sacramento, and then find themselves talking about the glorious unfolding of God's work in us and sorting out what our next steps might look like as he continues to shape us for his glory.


  1. I have been downloading the podcasts and listening to them. I suppose I started at the beginning, at least the beginning here on the site. It is taking me a long time with my slow connection here in Kenya so I have been at for a few months now. I listened to this one yesterday, and it was just what I needed to hear. I was feeling a lot of failure in a particular part of our ministry. After listening i realized that God and I measure success differently, and perhaps there was good in it after all. Then Father brought to my mind several things he thought was successful in what we were doing.

    Thanks guys for the podcast.

  2. This is such a different mindset. I’m sure I am going to have to listen thru this several more times to get it. I find myself listening to the ideas and thinking,”Jesus…could you be telling me something here? That idea I had six months ago… could that be something you wanted me to try but I never took action on it?”

    And this idea of doing things that don’t seem to make sense or have any rational basis… scary. And yet… how like Jesus that I read about in the NT and in the OT for that matter. If I am in a relationship with him, I may think it’s the craziest thing since ethanol but I have confidence in the person and not my own ability to figure out the best way. But more often than not (in fact, just about all the time), I am still trying to figure out how to feed 5 thousand people with 5 loaves and 2 fish or, even worse, rejecting the idea out of hand with a shrug and,”Oh well, I guess these people will get fed somehow.”

    Initiating with others is a good idea, too. The thing about finding an older brother seems problematic. All the older brothers I know think I’m at least misguided or maybe a bit nuts. Not exactly encouraging about trusting Jesus for the next move. Keep initiating, I guess.

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