Higher Ways, Greater Freedom (#510)

prayer2You know you're right. You've been the victim of someone else's abuse or dishonesty and though you pray for God to intervene on your behalf, he doesn't. What then? Just because our cause seems just doesn't mean God won't have other things in mind greater than we can see. The assumption of course is that God will always intervene on the side of what's right in the immediate and when he fails to do so it is easy to feel abandoned by God. Through a painful experience God invited Brad into a different space where even the cause of righteousness takes a back seat to the the unfolding glory of God's love that does not force people to do his will, nor right every wrong. But he does open our hearts into a larger space where we find ourselves joyfully doing what God wants, rather than getting him to do what we want.

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  1. Hi, just thought I’d take a moment to express my thanks for this discussion b/t both Wayne and Brad. I appreciate the broader application to an unfolding experience in Brad’s life and how we all can relate within our own painful moments. Seems these are things Father has been “unpacking” in my own heart and hearing it put into words was very helpful. Blessings

  2. Love this pod!!! God spoke to me one day after a discussion similar to this and I said what if your plan A doesn’t happen? With free choice and all… And He said I have another plan A… It sat so well with me I will not be given anything but his plan… Can I also suggest a book I have read which is a #1 seller here in New Zealand and has transformed my prayer time to a conversation.. The freedom diaries by Mark Holloway. It’s amazing! Thanks for the awesome casts

  3. This was so what is going on in my heart right now. Thanks for the words that just tenderized and touched my heart again.

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