Seduced into Darkness (#934)

"What is the strange calculus of greed that causes it to catch up with even the most cautious, best-intentioned person?" This is one of four provocative questions one reviewer said are asked by the Academy-award nominated movie, Killers of the Flower Moon. The others are: Why does guilt drive some people to remorse, and others over the edge?  What is the power of a lie, that it can blind a person to a truth staring him in the face? How is it that what seems to be a blessing often turns out to be a curse? Wrestling with  those existential questions seemed to fit so well into the ongoing conversation Wayne and Kyle have been having this year about delusion and freedom and why even the best of us can be easily sidelined by darkness.  They also discuss whether or not every negative emotion is an invitation into transformation.

Podcast Notes:



  1. May be the best podcast you’ve ever produced.
    God wants to transform us so that we reflect the fruit of his spirit.
    Just performing and conforming will never satisfy.
    Life began to change for me when I became so secure in his love that I could make the shift from trying to eliminate or hide negative emotions to seeing them like a check engine light.
    He’s wanting to expose a wrong perspective – a heartfelt belief that has governed my behavior.
    Something I’ve come to believe that is wrong about myself or about who God is.
    When I can confess my wrong belief and ask for his truth, he is faithful to persuade my heart in a way that that sticks – that no one can take away.
    The purpose of Transformation Prayer Ministry explains that so well.
    Your podcast today explains it as well. Thanks.

    • Great insight Jill, we’re all looking for transformation, wheather we know it or not. Thanks also for the tip on TPM, looking into what they are doing.

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