Join the Conversation!

Later this week Brad and Wayne will be taping their third edition of The God Journey. They are planning to discuss two events that have dominated the news over the past couple of weeks, the deaths of Terry Shaivo and the events that surrounded it as well as the death of Pope John Paul II. What are we to make of these two events as we think outside the box of organized religion?

Would you like to pose a question you'd like us to wrestle with, or make a comment you think will shed some light on these events? We now have four ways for you to join the converstion with us. You can also use these channels to comment on previous webcasts or to ask questions or make comments on future topics you'd like us to help sort out.

We have added a Comment/Question Line and it is now open. This is our preferred channel, since it will allow us to include your voice and inflections on the webcast. Just call 805-626-4212 and follow the prompts. We're sorry it isn't toll free, but we're working on a shoestring budget here. In this age of cell phones and internet dialing we're hopeful that a lot of you can still join in. This system will only allows us to record in one minute bits, so if your comment or question is longer, you will need to call back and we'll splice it together. Also, we want you to begin with your first name and location, so people can connect with your voice a bit easier. Just begin with... "This is____(first name)___ from _____(city, state, country)____."

We are also checking Blog Comments to add to the dialog as well. Just click on the title of the appropriate blog, in this case Join the Conversation, and fill out the comment section. We'll read some of those on webcast as they fit in.

You can also use our Fax Line to send us any contributions you'd like to make at: 805-988-4253.

Finally, you can email Brad or Wayne direcly by using the links on our Contact Page.

We would love a good many of you to join the conversation through one of these channels, whether it is about the subject we'll cover this week or anything else regarding the joy of learning to think outside the box. Of course we may not be able to use all the input we get, but we'll chose those we think are the most compelling for others on this journey.

So, please, dive right in! The water's fine and the more the merrier!