Delays, Delays, Delays!

For those waiting for our next edition of The God Journey , it is going to be a while, unfortunately. My move the last week cut our available times to record. Year-end school things for Brad's children cut out this week, and I leave Monday for 11 days in Pennsylvania. So, the next show won't be up until early July or so. We are so sorry for the delay, but it could not be avoided.

But we have loved the feedback we've gotten on our blogs, emails and comment lined—(805) 626-4212. We will be tackling some of those comments and questions next time we get together. We're hoping to fall into a much more consistent pace in days ahead to keep the conversation going. Our two busy schedules have made that a bit difficult over the past month. Please don't give up. Keep the questions and comments coming and we'll get to them as we can.

Until then, check out some of the past shows you might have missed, or listen again and give us your feedback, questions or ideas for future shows. You can add them to the comments section of this blog!