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The more podcasting we do, it seems the more questions people seem to have about us. We've decided to put a show together of just questions for Brad and Wayne from our listeners. They can vary from the ridiculous to the sublime and we'll see how the sort out. If there's enough interest we may do it more often. It can be on our personal lives or journeys or about how we think of something theological. We are looking for lots of questions that will evoke short answers, not topics that will take an extended time to answer.

This will not an expert 'answer-man' approach, but simply a chance for you to get some answers to questions about us that you've always wanted to ask. Send questions you want Wayne to ask Brad to Wayne ( and questions you want Brad to pose to Wayne to Brad ( We'll try to answer as many as we can and have lots of fun doing so in a future podcast.

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  1. Hi guys,

    In several podcasts, you’ve touched on the issue of leadership. How are the functions of Ephesians 4:11 carried on outside of the structure? I’m finding many people who really just need led. How does evangelism and discipleship happen when we don’t give these kind of people a meeting to attend and assign them a mentor?

    I was recently with a group of men from a local club who were really committed to their men’s “ministry”. Most of these guys wouldn’t have any idea what to do without their big program. Do some people just need to be institutionalized?

    By the way, in that meeting the speaker spoke very eloquently from Psalm 23. Then, right at the end, used this wonderful chapter as a manipulative tool to get the guys to sign up for their 5-step plan to include daily quiet time!

    Lovin’ Las Vegas,


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