Inside the Studio

Ever wonder what it looks like around here when we tape a podcast?

The folks at Family Room Media put together this video for us from some of the taping they did in here last November.

We hope it not only gives you a picture of what it looks like when we're doing this, but also the vision we have for this podcast.

Just click on the picture at left or the link here to download the Windows Media file (9.4 MB):

If you need the Window Media Player, you can download it free.


  1. Hi Wayne and Brad,

    Thanks so much for this wwindow into some of your world-fantastic.
    Question? If I wanted to start my own pod cast, what do I need in the line of equipment and what kind of cost am I looking at?
    I haven’t ventured to far in looking for other pod casts, but all I know for my wife (Margi) and I, it is a royal treat waiting for the next pod cast you and Brad keep bringing out.


  2. Richard,

    It depends on what you already have. All you need is a comupter, a program that will record digital, and a microphone. The better the microphone the better the sound quality. We spent about $1000.00 on our microphone equipment but you can do a good podcast for far less. I record in ‘Sound Studio’ and we mix the podcast in GarageBand on a Mac which makes it really, really easy. But all you need to do is get something that will make an mp3 file and have a place to post it on the ‘Net!

    We wish you all the best and glad you’re enjoying our little experiment here…


  3. Hey, I like the framed copy of “He Loves Me” on the wall to the lower right behind Wayne’s desk and I recognize the copy of “The Naked Church” framed on the upper right. What is that in the center? Is that the Jake book?

    Oh Brad, the reason we call it the Jake book is because it takes to long to say “So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore.”


  4. Peter,

    Those are gifts from Sara. The book in the middle is “In My Father’s Vineyard”, the book we just sold out of… .


  5. Thanks Wayne,

    I appreciated your helpful tips on the necessary tools for doing a pod cast.


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