Dealing With Dark Days

Email from listeners set the course on this podcast. First up is a discussion about God's nature and whether Scripture seeking God has a lion side and a lamb side. Then they tackle a question about worship and whether or not it is self-seeking from God's side. Finally, they discuss problems with extended family members understanding those who no longer find themselves in traditional congregations. One of those uncovers a particularly dark side of religious manipulation and how it can tear a family apart. What do we do then?

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  1. My heart goes out to the listener whose wife and daughter have been manipulated into turning against him because he no longer wants to be part of the religious “gang”. Fear and intimidation are tactics that street gangs and mobster employ to keep their members in submission. You do not expect a group supposedly representing Jesus Christ to do such a thing. It is amazing what religious groups will do to step over clear scriptural teaching to keep the masses in control. If I understood the email that you and Brad were reading from this gentleman, it sounded like the club was manipulating his wife to even consider divorcing him if he did not get in line. Even if this religious body was not directly advising his wife to consider divorce. They had created an environment in which she might consider it. I admit, I maybe inferring some into what you read on the Podcast. But, with my over twenty-five years of experience with many different flavors of Christendom. It is conceivable that a group claiming to be followers of Jesus Christ would encourage this despite our Lord ‘s opposition to divorce. May God give this man the grace to sustain him through these trials and open his wife’s and daughter’s heart to the truth of Jesus Christ.

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