Troublesome Scriptures?

From time to time people ask Brad and Wayne about certain Scriptures that seem on face value to contradict the message of grace and God's invitation to live loved. They tackle a number of these Scriptures and show how when people apply them them in the context of religious performance their meaning is lost and their application distorted. The New Testament invites us into a very different process where we are transformed out of our relationship with him, not by human effort. In that context these same verses thrive with meaning and power.


  1. Hey guys!
    Loved this podcast. Just interested in whether or not you can direct me to some sort of fact page in relation to the lukewarm river scenario you guys were talking about. I mean, the geographical placement of 2 rivers in Israel where one is literally cold and one medicinally hot. Also… if you could direct me to somewhere or explain what you thought that verse about lukewarmness meant I would appreciate it greatly!


  2. Really you just scratched the surface of this. What about forgiveness? If you don’t forgive everybody else, you are not forgiven. So a lot of people who have been badly hurt are going to hell for only that reason.

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