1. How could you guys interrupt my routine of learning how to live outside the constructs of organized religion. I almost feel empty and backslidden. Only Kidding, I hope you guys are enjoying what is probably a much needed break. Even the Lord would pull away from the masses and get alone with Father for renewal of strength. I am sure you will have something fresh for your listeners to ponder when you dive back into the data stream. Lord bless you for gratefully dissing the illusion.

  2. I’m just glad you guys took a week off so I can catch up – I didn’t find you until a month ago and have tons of these to listen to. Nope, not gonna catch up in one week. I’m so glad you guys laugh so much in your podcasts. I can always tell when I hear TRUTH. Tears begin to flow. This has been a reality for me for quite a long time. I spend a lot of time crying through your podcasts – the laughter brings a little relief so that I can catch my breath! *grin*

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