He Is With You!

Wayne is back from a delightful trip to Indiana and plowing through the mailbag with Brad they find some interesting letters about holiness and the parenting book they talked about in the previous podcast. Throughout they keep coming back to a familiar theme—everything we can access in this age will be a bit of a mixed bag, in some of it we'll hear the voice of the Shepherd and in some of it the flesh of men and women. But he lives in each of us so that our pursuit is never dependent on following another person or program, but him and him alone.


  1. Re: Wanting to be like him: reminds me of a scripture I ran across this week and it jumped off the pages to me. I was so surprised I had not registered this one before: Luke 6:35 & 36 KJV: But love ye your enimies and do good and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shalll be great, and ye shall be the children of the HIghest: FOR HE IS KIND UNTO THE UNTHANKFUL AND TO THE EVIL (my emphasis); Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.”

    In my religious days, I probably thought those unthankful/evil people were those ones “out there” who weren’t as perfect as me. Now I understand I have occassionally been in that “unthankful” and “evil” category, and good news, God has been kind to me anyway. So it’s very comforting to experience God’s kindness and mercy. And with that, it’s natural to desire to be like him in extending that mercy and to others.

  2. Dear Wayne & Brad,
    Thank you for your comments concerning some of the flak you received about Danny Silk’s book.
    I loved what you guys said about “test everything and hold fast to that which is good” & “eat the meat, spit out the bones” in regards to dealing with brothers and sisters who are operating in a slightly different paradigm that we may not understand or totally agree with. As I like to paraphrase “The Shack”; It’s about loving people without agend, regardless whether they are “in box, out of box . . . in system,. out of system . . . pro-revival . . . what ever”. I would add that it’s about being perfected in Love, which may be paraphrased as “Living Loved & Loving others” . . .
    None of us have got the complete picture nor are any of our “pet doctrines” (time for some sacred-cow tipping!) spot-on other. It’s about walking in Love & Grace. So thank you both for your gracious response!

  3. Thanks for this guys. My wife Alyson and I are still somewhat adrift and feeling lost outside the church organization. There are other losses occuring simultaneously in our lives so we listened to this podcast today to have some sense of connection with our Sunday morning ritual of 50+ years.

    As Fester Koots would say: “preciate it”


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