Hear, Trust, Follow

If you don't relax, you're still trying. Brad and Wayne spend some time dipping into the ol' mail bag and find some fascinating stories from people who are transitioning from thinking religiously to learning to live relationally. People share some great insights and passionate moments as they are learning to live loved rather than to work a religious system. One man asks about those who have never been in religious settings and then answers his own question better than we could. In the end, for all of us, it is simply about hearing, trusting and following what Jesus makes known to us.


  1. When you seem to be surrounded by TARFs (plural of …..religious folk), it is so refreshing to at least listen in on a real conversation; it is absolutely the next best thing to taking part in one.
    Thanks again guys, I suspect you are providing oxygen to a lot of us out here.

  2. I wish you would introduce yourself when we listen to your podcast so we can identify the name with a face. I have never heard you before, but I am loving the book He Loves Me. Also, when I went to thegodjourney.com it would not come up. It told me it had expired. Just wanted you to know. Thanks.

  3. Janet,

    You must have experienced some kind of glitch. Thegodjourney.com is fully functional and has not expired.

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