Walking Alongside

One of the great freedoms of living loved is no longer feeling the compulsion to manipulate others to see what you see. When you find that grace you can now be alongside someone in a way that reflects how God does it with us and that opens doors into the deeper kinds of conversations that genuinely help others along their journey while you give them the space to grow.

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  1. I am so enjoying these pod casts. It has been 4 years since I left the institutional church. As you read the letter at the end I thought of my two oldest sons, now 29 & 28. Their experience with religion has left the oldest professing athesiam and his brother fast on his heels! Although my experience with the Father was real, as a former “rebel” it was easy to teach me to submit. Well, most of the time! My times with the Father were so wonderful that the religious acts paled in comparison. Unfortunately I did not know how to convey that message to my children. All they were given were the rules and religious exercises. YUK!!

    The Father told me my family was coming into the kingdom. That was 24 years ago! As I came out of the institution I began to examine everything I had been taught. I realized just how much damage that system had done to my family, and my belief that I just needed to get them into that system. The idea that I knew the Father, but I needed to be taught how to evangilize. I was not allowed to trust my heart and just love.

    A couple of summers ago I bought an electric blue shirt. After wearing it a couple of times in 100 degree tempatures, with humidy so thick you can see it, the color around the colllar completely faded out. I was so disappointed. As I looked at it the Father spoke to me, “The sweat of your labor distorts the fabrick of the kingdom in the same way!” WOW! The shirt was completely ruined by my sweat! Likewise, “my labor” was completely destroying the fabrick that others saw of the kingdom!

    Since that time I have been learning what it means to enter into His rest. Not only concerning my sons, but everything in life. He went to the end, saw what will happen, completed the work, and now all I have to do is enter into His rest in that finished work! I get to enjoy my family! I get to love them unconditionally! I am not responsible for their coming into the kingdom! I don’t have to work it up; pray it up, or anything else. I just listen to the Spirit and pray what He prays, and do what He says the Father is doing. My family is blown away when they want to have the old discussions and all I have to say is, “Your right!”

    Keep up the good work. It is wonderful to hear of so many others having the same experiences on this journey.

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