Get Off the Dock

If we're ever going to sail in the joy and freedom of this journey, we have to learn again how to live out of hearts where God interacts with our Spirit, rather than trying to live out of intellect and emotions. That's not to say our intellect or emotions are unimportant, but both have the capacity to lead us astray. Wayne and Brad talk about how God wants to make himself known in our hearts and the dictates of religion more often than not dull our sense of knowing him and responding to his nudges in our life.

Special Notice:
Archive Disc 5 is now available, which includes the broadband version of podcasts from November 2008 through August 2009.


  1. Right up front I must say I’m new to the pod-cast and I will admit I haven’t listened to all of them, but I have perused a couple and would like to make an observation.

    I take great solace in merely being a “believer”. I see a problem in all this with identifying myself as a “Christian”. Jesus was not a Christian, why should I tag myself as one?

    I think if I’m to remain ‘outside the box’, In order to maintain some sense of sanity, I have to pay close attention to the ideals and labels I align myself with and being a “Christian” or a “this” or a “that” just doesn’t fit the bill.

    I have a friend who is a physician and works in an emergency clinic, which has become known locally as a “Doc In A Box”. California has a restaurant chain called “Jack In The Box” and if I succumb to labeling myself as a “Christian” then maybe church should be called a “God In The Box”.

    When one schedules a trip, the question must be asked, “What’s more important to me, the going there or the getting there?” If the goal is getting there, I would take a jet and ‘get there’ in a few hours. If however the goal is getting there, maybe I would set out on foot so I could take in all the scenery and aromas along the way.

    This is a journey. The ‘getting there’ was settled 2,000 years ago on a cross, so for me at least, it’s the ‘getting there’ that is important; one day at a time my quest is to grow closer and closer to Papa and the “Crew” knowing I’m loved without having to prove myself or earn anything.

    This journey is a ‘church’ without walls; see you out there. Look for me. I’ll be the big guy with the big smile simply sharing my journey with whomever shows an interest!

  2. Oops!

    ” If the goal is getting there, SHOULD READ GOING THERE, PLEASE FIX I would take a jet and ‘get there’ in a few hours. If however the goal is getting there, maybe I would set out on foot so I could take in all the scenery and aromas along the way.”

  3. Another Oops:

    . . . was settled 2,000 years ago on a cross, so for me at least, it’s the ‘getting there’ that is important;

    SHOULD READ GOING THERE instead of ‘getting there’

    “I” knew what I meant. Please fix before posting. Thanks. It might be nice if there were an “edit” feature here. :O)

  4. I have been listening now for about a year and always enjoy the podcast. It is so refreshing to hear folks who understand the difference between shadow (structure) and substance (life). I remember hearing that “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly”.

    Years ago when I cried out to the Lord for meaning and that I might know Him something marvelous happened. I came alive spiritually and began to see things in a new light. It was as though the entire world lit up. I kne ( I don’t know how) that diving life had come into me. There was a presence within me and I was in intimate relationship with the Lord through the Holy Spirit., I began to ‘hear” Him and see life through new eyes.

    THEn…I went back to church…and began t walk once again in the “futility of my mind”…became a religious head tripper…a proud intellectual “christian”…and lost the intimacy of relating to my ‘first love”.

    Now coming down to the end of my (pjysical life) i have come full circle and seeking once again to get back to my first love…Jesus christ. The greatest desire of my heart again is to truly hear from Him and to know Him and to fellowship with the rest of m spiritual family.

    thanks again to Brad and Wayne for just being “real”.

  5. Love Al Freeman’s comments. We have Jack In The Box too, not a great reputation for good food.
    Religion aka God In The Box perfect.
    Thought of you two crazy people the other day reading The Message. 1Peter1:18-21
    Your life IS a journey you must travel…
    the no options of that statement is such a comfort to me. And helps me honor the journey of “the crew” especially those who come to me with “the look” of you can help me so help me. And it helps me know that the look is just a lie they are believing and its temporary insanity.
    the rest of the verse
    Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God.
    Again a beautiful statement of truth about the cross. What the cross restored from the fall, the bilinqual restored. We do not need an external voice. The internal one is perfect.
    Sail AWAY. Wow Africa, blessings all around.

  6. Regarding your comment that God has to “yell” in order for you to actually hear Him. . .I relate so much with the analogy of waiting at the bus station. I fully believe that God speaks to those who expect to hear from Him. And, I too, many times have asked the Lord my questions and then went on with my responsibilities for the day with a promise and intention to be “listening” throughout my day. Often, He has spoken to me in the most unexpected ways and moments. . .unexpected even tho’ I was waiting to hear His voice. I can’t explain that, but it is how I have experienced His responses – and you’re right — you cannot schedule these things.

    One thing that I might differ with you about is regarding the desire for God to “yell.” He has clearly told me that he will not shout over the din of that which I choose to put over him in priority. So, yes, there are things that I really need to do, but I also must make time in my life to be alone and focused on God through His Word and prayer which is both speaking and listening. That may mean turning off the TV, putting down that book or magazine, or foregoing some Internet surfing or iPod listening. I don’t always do as well with this as I would like to, but every time I am alone with my Lord, I am so glad I went there and He often speaks into my spirit – maybe not what I was asking, but exactly what He wants to say.

  7. I believe that what some call ‘a time in the wilderness’ is necessary to break the power of the seductive need to have a leader showing us the way outside of the Holy Spirit’s teaching us Christ. For those who are put in the slot of teacher…this time breaks them away from their need to be somebody by ‘helping others.’ For those who are on the other side thinking they have to have flesh and blood to follow, inviting them to help them make their daily decisions…they will see that the words “Be still and know that I AM God” become reality.
    As we walk through our wilderness times, we go through God’s detox program from reliance upon and fear of man. We learn in this time that ONLY God has the answers to my personal life and that HE IS. Then more the lights come on, we see the harm we do to others by being a God substitute for them actually thinking that by reading outward appearances we could know what is in their heart and give them advice. As more of us follow the Spirit into the wilderness we become living examples of what it looks like to be touched by a Living God. All the roads outside of Him that we used to look to for purpose and fulfillment no longer occupy us but our eye is continually gazing onto the One that cannot be seen by the human eye in this world. We do not make our own wilderness, but God leads us into it, specially prepares it and knows just how to seal us off from those things outside of Him that we have depended upon.

  8. I forgot to mention that the pathway into the wilderness is strewn not with happy daisies and beautiful roses, but with heart wrenching disappointments, disillusionment, and betrayals. It’s God showing us the natural consequences of trusting in idols (people). Good news to those who are going through these things to know they are ‘right on track.’

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