In Russia With Love

From St. Petersburg Russia, Wayne talks with his hosts, Michael and Susan Simpson as they share a bit of their journey that engaged a former K-State women's basketball player to the people of Russia. They describe the current climate in Russia and what God has done to change their mission from trying to engage people with a discipleship program, to living among them to help them live loved and what it has cost them when they no longer fit into the program. In the course of that journey, they married seven years ago, both for the first time and live at the Father's pleasure part time in Russia and part time in the States. You'll find their desire to help others on this journey charming and infectious.

Podcast Links:

Find out more about Michael and Susan's life coaching at Trove Inc.
Their seasonal chocolate business with a message of the lost finding redemption: The Chocolate Bordello
Great Joy in Kenyaидея за подарък


  1. Wow! Am loving your guests! I was washed and encouraged by Susan & Michael’s story this week. Must listen again, for my heart was touched by depths that requires at least a ‘double-dip’. Thank you for taking time, literally in the Journey, to share with the rest of us.

  2. Thanks Wayne for putting a voice to your trip so we could enjoy it and be encouraged. These folks are real pioneers, and it isn’t easy to live where they are. Thank you for going …..

  3. Great, great stuff.

    You know, I always have this sense during the podcast of the clock ticking away, getting nearer to the end and wishing that it could keep going.

    Have you ever considered, Wayne, about just setting up the microphone(s) in a room and letting the “tape” run for an hour or two and then go back later and edit it down to the best parts of the conversation? I realize this would be more work to do that editing but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a God Journey listener who might be willing to help with that. It might be really helpful, for example, if there was some way to record some of the group discussions you have on your trips using the same editing approach. Maybe bring someone along who just handles the recording and works with you on the editing?

    I know, it’s probably unrealistic, but I hate missing all those great conversations. Heck, even if you just put out the raw conversations without any editing, I’d go for that!

    Thanks for all you do.

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