No New Podcast this Week

Wayne is out of town with his family as they deal with his mother's passing, so there is no new podcast this week. But you can dip into the archives and chose your own, or listen to one of the classics: "It's not Chocolate." It's one of their most talked about podcasts as they explore how you can learn to recognize God’s voice among all the competing voices that fill our head and the noise that fills our world. Losing our taste for the false offerings of religion and dismissing the voices of guilt and shame are an important part of reducing the noise and recognizing God’s impulses in our heart.


  1. God bless you Wayne and your family at this time with an even greater understanding of living loved.
    Thank you for leaving us this podcast! I appreciated the discussion on Hebrews 5:14 and raising children to discern. I love looking at that verse. I once looked at the words ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in the Greek. The word used in the Greek for good is ‘kalou’ and ‘kakou’ for evil. It is amazing that there is only one letter difference between the two. In light of the podcast and the learning involved in practice and maturity involved in learning to discern between good and evil, this gave me goosebumps!

  2. Thinking of you and your family. So sorry to hear of your mum’s passing.

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